Sweet Potato and Parsnip Fries

Oh I love me a good parsnip! Pronounced Pah-snip if you’d like to sound regal and of English high society. I had some root veggie fries at a recent holiday gathering with friends and decided to create my own version… hope you try and enjoy!


2 sweet potatoes

2 parnsnips

olive oil

garlic powder

a few sprigs of fresh rosemary

course salt

freshly ground pepper


1) Preheat oven to 375 degrees

2) cut vegetables in matchstick form-only thicker than match sticks-more like french fries-haha

3) pull rosemary in a bunch and twist a little to bruise the leaves and release the oils-then finely chop

4) Put vegetables in a large container for tossing with oil (I like to use a zip lock bag, though that’s not totally green)-the amount of oil used will vary-but you don’t want the veggies to be slick-at the same time you don’t want them to be dry-so start with a little-toss-and add more as needed. You may want to try some of that olive oil spray to lightly coat the vegetables

5) in a separate bowl-combine garlic powder (1-2 tsp), rosemary, salt, and pepper-stir it up

6) add spice bowl to vegetables while tossing-making sure all spices are distributed onto the veggies

7) spread on a baking sheet and bake for 20-30 minutes on the middle rack. You may need to toss them half way through-check for burning edges

8) broil on high for 2-3 minutes for a final crisp-again-watch for burning edges

9) EAT!!!!

Note: the image is not mine-I borrowed it from http://prairielemon.blogspot.com/