Life is short.

I haven’t been totally motivated to write the past five months, so much has happened and unhappened. I’ve made so many new friends, maintained very special old friendships, and have celebrated life and have mourned the loss of life. A colleague of mine recently lost his battle with cancer, two of my friends have lost their wives to cancer, and one of my former students was killed. Life is short.

Life is short… It’s so crazy to me that we can enter someone’s life for just a brief moment and then something happens to disconnect those ties and the people vanish from the life you once knew. I have been so wrapped up in my life plan that I failed to see what was true around me. This plan for life has created a lot of anxiety and has taken the love out of life and the life out of love. I should practice what I preach… just be, let it happen, just be… be what? Be who? Be where? Be when? Just be present… means being in the moment and not thinking about the future. What would happen if my life didn’t go according to plan? What has happened???? I’m still here, I’m still learning, I’m still loving, I’m still breathing.

Life is short… People come and go and regret can burn in your brain forever. Taking chances and being vulnerable is what makes life happen-not taking chances means being stagnant; and being stagnant is a slow death. Brene’ Brown talks about the power of vulnerability and how the most successful people make themselves vulnerable because they took chances and pushed through the pain of failure and humility. Check out her ted talk here:

Life is short… I don’t ever want to live with regret of what could’ve or should’ve been. I hope you don’t either… I’m not sure about most things and I always make mistakes-like 10 every minute… but I do know that you’ll never know if there is a possibility of something unless you put yourself out there and make yourself vulnerable-to all the feelings and possibilities. Be vulnerable, be open, and allow yourself to feel and fall… know that everything is not always the end.