Honey-Lime Marinade


Honey has been known for its healing properties for thousands of years – the Ancient Greeks used it, and so have many other peoples through the ages. Even up to the second world war, honey was being used for its antibacterial properties in treating wounds. But with the advent of penicillin and other antibiotic drugs in the twentieth century, honey’s medicinal qualities have taken a back seat. That might be about to change though. Check out this article for more information.

1/4 cup lime juice
2 TBSP Honey
1-2 TBSP Thai Garlic Chili sauce
1-2 TBSP chopped Cilantro

Mix all ingredients together and use to marinate your favorite seafood. I think shrimp or scallops work best for grilling or broiling. I drizzled some over halibut filets, then broiled.

Serving ideas:
*seafood over mixed field greens with berries and almonds
*add a tablespoon of olive oil and create a salad dressing (we used this over our mixed field greens)
*create lettuce wraps and use grilled/broiled seafood along withyour favorite filling
*serve over fennel and blood orange salad