About Jess

Jess has always had a thirst for an active lifestyle. She started her athletic career in middle school, by dipping her toes in various sports, such as horseback riding, volleyball, and field hockey. In high school, she ditched the team sports and focused on track and field. Her favorite event, sprinting, followed her to Oswego State University where she earned a degree in Human Development. Her sprinting skills were noted by the collegiate rugby club ,and she was recruited to play for their team. Rugby has been a passion of Jess’s that has stayed with her up until today. She has coached at the high school level, has captained several teams, and has even had the opportunity to compete with nationally recognized women on international soil.  Through rugby, Jess stumbled upon CrossFit, which strengthened her endurance, stamina, and strength on the rugby pitch.

Jess started her body building journey in June of 2015 after 5 years of CrossFit training and coaching. CrossFit began to wear on her body and she was having difficulty finding time for her own training. Walking into the gym was daunting because she has never been a machine weight lifter. This soon changed when she began working with Kyle Glickman, a strength a conditioning coach and Master’s Level Nutritionist. Coaching rugby was a positive influence on Jess’s ability as a CrossFit Trainer and mentor to those beginning their fitness journey. She creates a friendly atmosphere where people feel motivated, yet reflective on their accomplishments. Clients often comment on her ability to give positive feedback that will improve their fitness and help them achieve their goals.
Jess earned her pro card at the April 9th DFAC Buffalo Body Building Show. This was her first ever show and she is so excited to be competing in the DFAC World Championship in Miami in October of 2016. She’s looking forward to the growing season and perfecting her posing. She understands the frustration people often encounter when struggling with weight, lifts, and diet and nutrition.
“I’ve been face to face with challenges that, at the time, appeared impossible to overcome. There are so many emotions that surround the possibility of defeat, but it’s important to keep your goals in sight and set your ego aside. Some of these complex and/or seemingly simple movements can be quite humbling though absolutely informative of what your body needs in order to perfect your performance.” – Jess
When Jess isn’t training, you can find her working in the city schools as a school psychologist or practicing myofascial release work as a licensed massage therapist.  She enjoys paddle boarding, skiing, reading, escaping to the Adirondacks or Canandaigua Lake, and writing inspirational articles on her website www.jessica-hayden.com .


  • Crossfit Level One
  • USA Rugby Coach
  • USA Rugby Referee
  • Massage Therapist




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