I’m walking out the door into the world of the unknown. I’m scared and weary, but I’m not alone. I have myself-my strong, beautiful, emotional, smart, fierce self.

I found myself in a cycle-a hamster wheel of running the mill and not really ever getting anywhere. Life felt so familiar, the agony comfortable. I felt I was frozen in a dream where my hopes were not reality and I was settling for fifty percent instead of demanding one hundred. The value of who I am is high and the cost is worth it. I realized, I can BE or I can leave. To just “be” meant not taking a risk-it was the safe route-the treadmill in a safe container. Leaving meant walking out the door and allowing life to flood my soul to create space for what I truly desire.

I feel like I’ve been running around naked for the past few years, exposing way too much of myself to the world, offering what is most sacred to be seen. I’ve decided to put my clothes back on to leave something for the imagination. Some things are private and not to be shared…. I have decided to hide some of what I have written in the past in order to be able to start with a clean slate. Again, I bring up Danielle LaPorte, who in her video about making it happen says, “start fresh, clean slate”. So… I’m going to start fresh with a clean slate-I want to keep some things close to my heart, to share only with those who I hold near and dear.

I am being, but I am leaving some of who I have been at the door in order to make room for more of who I really want to be. I prefer to live with intention, optimism, pragmatism, and a little more privacy.


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