It’s ABOUT TIME!!! (but also about a bunch of other stuff)









After one month of dating Mr. Right I can honestly say that I’ve never been in a relationship that has been so easy. I can’t explain why or how-I can only say that it seems as though Right and I are on the same page and we both seem to want the same things out of life.

I am so very aware of living in the moment and being present with Right. We truly enjoy being with one another and have made a pact to continue to engage in compliment soup du jour. We joke about it sometimes, but I think we both recognize the significance of honoring each other every day and how great it feels to get those compliments. He slacked a little bit last week, but (in his defense) we were with each other every day and small compliments were voiced each day. At any rate, yesterday, I received an email from Right bulleting seven compliments to make up for the past week. I got that email and it brightened my day-made me feel so special, and it reinforced for me that he continued to see the value of it as it pertains to our relationship.

Again-I am being tangential, my purpose in writing this is about timing. He and I often look at each other and say, “Why the hell didn’t we meet earlier?” or “How the hell did we get this far without getting to know each other?”. My answer is often the same, “Timing”, it probably wasn’t the right time. You see, our paths have not crossed just once before, but seemingly throughout our lives at ages 7 and 10, then again in high school, and then again in CrossFit. There are other small connections, but generally speaking it seems there was no good reason why we never actually talked or hung out in a group setting. How did we actually meet you ask??? No, not from CrossFit or mutual friends… in a sea of potentials-after years of being at an arms reach-we discovered each other on Match dot com (just another piece of evidence to prove that sometimes you just gotta put yourself out there).

Several of my past relationships have ended in both of us damning the timing of our meeting-“it just wasn’t the right time”. Perhaps it wasn’t the right time-perhaps it wasn’t the right person-perhaps it wasn’t the right circumstances… Either way, I have always been one to think a lot about “timing” which has often left me clinging to the idea of “if it’s only about timing-he could still be the RIGHT one, so I should stick this out”, but in the end only leaving me with lost time!

In the movie, “Sliding Doors” Gwenyth Paltrow’s character misses the train, which would have gotten her home early enough to catch her boyfriend in bed with another woman resulting in a break up and her meeting the man of her dreams. The movie illustrates the consequences and possible alternative endings for missed opportunities or being in the right place at the right time. In the end she meets the man of her dreams regardless-perhaps the timing was right-perhaps that was her fate (which I hate to believe-fate suggests the inability to be able to change your life).

So here’s the question…is it about timing? Is Right my soul mate? Is it about the stars aligning? Or was it fate-were we meant to be together no matter what?

Well I most certainly have an answer-I don’t know!!! The thing about being with Right is…he’s the right person right now. We are ready for each other and all of the craziness that we might bring to the table. When I say craziness I simply mean that we both have quirky personalities and find our immaturity amusing, so much so that we often dissolve in fits of giggling-even when a situation could have gone in the opposite direction. We both realize that life is short, there’s no use in getting upset over spilled cheese plates, honesty is the root of trust, boundaries are important for developing respect in our relationship, and talking about stuff that is bothering us is way more useful than holding it in and holding it against the each other. Sharing our lives with each other allows us to continue to maintain our friendships and not lose our own identities. Laughing is the perfect tonic for dissuading potential arguments over the small stuff; and giving each other some daily compliment soup not only fills our hearts, but warms our souls.


***I decided to change mystery (not so mysterious) man’s name from Sam to Right… it just feels better that way.