Have a goal?? Do you want to put it out to the universe??? Here’s a space where I honor those in pursuit of something more for themselves, for humanity, for whatever they feel their purpose in life calls them to do! I’ll be posting photos of some of the photo shoot gals and their goals as time passes… Post your goals in the comment sections! Feel free to upload photos as well!

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Balancing Act

When I originally set out on this journey, towards getting a PhD, I wanted it all-to build my body, my romantic relationship, and my mind. I soon realized, that, to do it all, meant sacrifice. Somethings had to give. My brain, deprived of nutrients, was foggy and ill equipped for the tasks required of learning […]

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Distance Makes the Heart…

“How do you feel about me leaving?”, I asked. “I’ve done it before and swore[...]

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You are getting very sleepy…

I’m struggling. It’s 3 AM and I’m awake again. This is the third morning in a row that I’ve [...]

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Don’t Lose Sight of Your Feet

Tomorrow I find out where I will be, live, and do next year. I, and thousands of other PhD Psycholog[...]

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